Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals


While these three important pastoral occasions are an integral part of our ministry to our parishioners, the clergy does not insist on any specific membership requirement as long as people understand the church's theology of these services and that all the rules of the Episcopal Church must be adhered to by the clergy.

The Episcopal Church understands Holy Baptism to be the Rite of Christian Initiation. In other words, it is that Sacrament by which one is baptized into the Body of Christ and becomes a Christian. It is not a "spiritual vaccination shot" that will protect your child from evil. It is not a "rite of passage" or "life event" that each person must undergo. It is a commitment to a way of life as a follower of Christ Jesus. Parents and godparents must take part in Baptismal Instruction.

Father Bocchino will meet with any couple to discuss being married at St. Barnabas. He makes sure that each couple understands that he is not "in the business of church weddings, but in the business of Christian marriages." He does not insist that a couple must be members of St. Barnabas in order for him to officiate at their wedding as long as they understand the theology of the Sacrament and that they want to have a marriage with Jesus Christ at its center. The couple must take part in Pre-marital Instruction.

The clergy is always ready and willing to officiate at a funeral service either in the church or at the funeral home.

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